Monday, March 28, 2011


once again. juz can't close my eyes.

looks like my biological clock was dreadfully damaged. ;(

pity me. pity yet painful.

pity to be me. painful to be me.

"its not easy to be me"

that's what Superman said.

i'm not a superman, i guess.

well, i'm stuck in my past.

stuck! stuck! stuck!

yup, there are always someone who

always willing to lend me a helping hand.

but those are what irritating me most i guess.

i just don't know. is it a mocking helping hand?

well, thanks for your concerns. really appreciate that..

i'm just trust no others except me.

i'm just a little impair, i know.

little? serious dude! okay, maybe bigger than little, a bit.

but today...

someone just make me realize something.

someone who you just not expecting!

though it was just a little conversation,

it really make me realize about something.

something bout my past.

i miss myself. pathetic. the old me.

but they say i'm stuck with my past.

i just keep thinking that i'm the new me!

well, some just not agree with me. and they're just damn rite.

i should be a new me, not the old me.

thanks, Wei.

ok, so long. gudnite.

(sometimes, just wish that 'all of these' just not happen...sigh)

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