Saturday, August 13, 2011

London riot: Asyraf Haziq.

Malaysian student got mugged in London riot. He's been there only a month for pursuing his study.

poor him.

his story made headlines all over the world. Canada, Japan, US bla bla bla
The Guardian, Daily Mail, BBC, CNN bla bla bla

even David Cameron made comment bout him.

and after all, he still felt "great" about Britain.
He was due to undergo surgery for a broken jaw after felt from his bike(pushed by the young Brit scumbags).
in the process, he's losing his PSP, stolen or broke or something and guess what, Sony willing to give him a new one!

well gotta say, LUCKY LAD! errrr.. with broken jaw...


  1. haha, kesian but seriously famous betul dia sekarang

  2. yup.. merata rata citer pasal dia. smpai jd trend kat twitter. bertuah sungguh