Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sarcasm. Bad Sarcasm.

wtf. wtf. wtf.

what the fish !

Really not understand with people who always being sarcastic at the wrong place and the wrong time! Whats your problem, actually. damn u. I love sarcasm. yup, because i used to be sarcastic too, sometimes. nahh . Everytime as possible, honestly.But your behavior is just as annoying as your face.

When i saw u, my stomach get hurts and my faeces eventually keep pressing wall of my rectum through colon asking for me to go to toilet and get rid those faeces. u know what? Everytime i saw my 'shit', it reminds me of u. ohhh, maybe thats why i can't get rid u out of my mind. Because u're the twin of my 'shit'. yup, no difference though.

Not just u. Everyone else around me seem just not understand me, too. They not understand what I need. Is it too hard too understand what I need and what i don't ! damn u. its just hard when u understand what people around u need, but they are just not smart enouugh to understand what i'm trying to say i'm not a guy who loves to give a direct command or whatsoever. That's why i'm just in love with sarcasm. Curse you.

U know what a good sarcasm is?

yes, ask Sheldon. He just learn what sarcasm is. Even he is a genius at work, but he just learn what its mean! Moral of the story, never be sarcastic if u're truly a bloody moron. damn u, again.

yeah, that's a good sarcasm. u? ur sarcasm just bad as u.

p/s: najeh bukan pervert. XD

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