Sunday, May 29, 2011

Behind 8372.

Most Serbs will surely hail Ratko Mladic as their hero. Why? easy peasy, because he helps in the ripping of 8372(its the official number, wonder what are the real number. more than this, of course!) Bosnians' heads(Muslim Bosnians!) back in 1995.

Why he need to get rid those Bosnians? because it will be easy for them to control the 'so called their country'. At that time, their country has 3 main ethnic. The Bosnians, Serbs and Croats. Bosnians and Croats were on the same side but the Serbs is just a bunch of fags who lose in 1990 election to decide whether they want to join their country with Yugoslavia or seek independence and rule their own country. Fags Serbs eagerly want to join with Yugoslavia but not Bosnians and Croats. Then, they lose the election and Bosnia and Herzegovina become an indipendent state. actually its a long long story then, folks. search for yourself yahh..(especially about this genocide and others crime they had done)

oh, what am i doing.. write something totally i'm not into. -_-

i love Bosnia. i write this because of this man.

yeah, score more for man city next time, ok.

p/s: tired of waiting my turn to watch tv because my lil sister watching demmit Boys over flower at KBSW at 2am! the final is getting start, between man ushit and barca. Viva la Barca, then!(because Chelsea's not in the final T.T)

hey, even Dinho votes for Dzeko u know?!?

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