Thursday, February 10, 2011


What's wrong with u?

Yup, u're my friend. One of my many many friends.
I have lots of friends, okay. Not just u.

So, why on this earth shud u ignoring me just because I'm be fren with ur biggest enemy.

Wake up girl.

Macam budak2.
Dah sunat belum ni?

It doesn't mean I'm be fren with ur enemy then I am ur new enemy.


Ur nemesis' fren is not ur enemy.

okayy, I don't even give a damn if u don't want to talk to me.
But please lahhhh, ur arch enemy tu dulu bez fren kau jugak kan?
Then, we used to hang out together rite?

ohhh, so every person that u hate can't be my fren la?
nape la bijak sangat.
budak2 aku ni pun xde la bodoh sngt fikir x matang smpai macam tu.

I repeat,

sangat budak2.

There's just not u are only my fren, I have lots more of them. hey, it's up to you.
I have no grudge against u. And I hate to have a grudge against people. U
Then enjoy ur little fantasy world that u built over the real world that I call REALITY.

ah, bosan aku pikir. susah nak jaga hati semua orang.
layan England maen lagi baguih..

so long. ^^

( Wallcott berdarah! ciss.. )

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