Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm missing u.

A long long time ago, there's a monster with a watermelon on his head. Though it was an excruciating pain for his parents to see him with that kind of physical stature, but he don't mind. He likes it. A lot. Damn a lot.

Nope. Totally not as this guy. He's looks like a.....moron...sorry...
My watermelon style is a lot more cool. And totally sacred for me. ^^
wadehel,,,dey yenadey..ahhh...sorry, again. (crazeeee rite now)

Noh Hujan wannabe?
Maybe just about 40-50% Noh Hujan watermelon style.

owhhh.....hairstyle.....(cakap le awai2)
but it was a long long time ago man.

hah...nak macho je...

*tetibe rase nak kuar suksis*

i'm missing u watermellllllooonnn !

ade rupa noh hujan x ?

ok xde...fine.. =.=

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