Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What a wonderful world!

"u spin my head right round right round, when u go down, when u go down down!"


"i know someday that we all turn up, u'll make it work, so we can work to work it out!"

*shoot* seriously man, had a merry-go-round topsy turvy Wednesday, today. Luckily, it ends well. very well.

Its all started yesterday actually. While my dad was away from home at Cheras. He got something work-related to do. oh yaa, he got to go for a course. The course run about in three days, i think. So, as a 'vice captain' of the family, it is my duty to fulfill my dad's daily chores. *shoot* oh, hell yeah yesterday, I got to wake up around 6 in the morning, then I drove my sister to her school. sekolah agama beb, tudung labuhh! kinda cool~ then after i'd drove her, go back home. bla bla bla, around 9.30am then go to ZeMart. kinda PC Pantai Timur version of Rembau. bla bla bla, going back home. then something terribleeeeee happennnnnnnnn.

My car, or obviously, my dad's car can't be started! wat the??? sabar.. sabar.
it was my fevret car since it is auto^^ and its more cooler, I think XD.. so, with anger and some dissapointment i grab the oldie Kembara key then just fetch my sister with kembara. Its not I hate kembara, since it was manual and quite fussy if there's traffic so i rather choose my saga, pfffttt dad's saga. but its not the problem, the problem is my father gonna come back the next day. So, i need to be prepared for anything happen to his car. shoot! shoot! shoot!

blimey me. avada kedavra me. I'm a dead meat.

Then he came home. He's quite paranoid at first, but I keep my cool as I don't want to make him more angry. Lucky me, it was just battery problem so just need to jumped the battery. fuhhhh.. lega siott...

tapi tak habis lagi...

belum lagi....



ok! ok!

blimey, yikes!

semua menjadi normal kembali. Tiada serba salah atau penyesalan. Jadi petang2 makan durian memang seronok lagi2 diiringi lagu ni.

~and I think to myself, what a wonderful worlddd......~


oh lupa nak gtau, bateri kereta kong sebab ak lupa tutup lampu depan dari pagi sampai petang. pffttt~~