Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm a happy guy :)

I'm happy everything's going smoothly. happy as everyone around me were happy.
happy as my life is surround with lovely people. happy. happy. happy.

I'm happy for your happiness. I'm happy as long as people around me happy.
I'm happy i live my life to the fullest. happy. happy. happy.

I am Mr. Happy. Happy even I have an empty pocket. happy even my sister cut my weekly allowance for this week. happy even my parents thought that 'You're a millionaire, so no allowance for this month'.

I'm happy I'll get another niece since my sister will get her first child around this week. I'll be happy for the third time since i already have a nephew and a niece.

I'm happy since my tummy is happy. I'm happy even i am overweight. I am happy as my result gave me a relieve. I'm happy i'm not exercise for a long long time. i'm happy , happy, happy.

i'm happy i'd finish watching many movies, series and dramas in my laptop. i'm happy playing games in my laptop day and night.

Lastly, I'm happy as long as you happy. So, what makes you happy? :)

p/s: mood; still in lazy bumpy bumpy mood. but happy :) arghh, seronoknya duduk rumah.