Monday, June 6, 2011

A beautiful mind.

its been a long time since the last time i visited there. yep. there, there. the first time i walk into his blog was about last six months ago. i found his blog through one of my fren backlink. quite impressive, though. but with a lot of harsh words, i think. anyway, he's got the point. impressive study and research on every post he made. and his knowledge and common sense thinking is superb. common sense thinking which is lack in every person on this earth. not americanized common sense but custom malays and islamic common sense, i guess. reading his writing is a bless as u'll get to know the truth. but the harsh words is gonna make some people butthurt for a long time yaw.

sometimes, reading his blog make me realize about how ur manners will affect u in the future. i mean like, he's married and has/ve kid/s (?). when his child old enuf and reading his blog, i wonder how the reactions of his kiddo. howdie how? this dilemma seems happen to me. yeah, i used say 'babi' when i'm with my frens. but to say it loudly in my blog where they are many kinds of people tends to read it, i don't have the ball. its not about being hypocrite or be urself. its about manners.

i have a fren who always use the words. its ok with me as long as its not over the limit. but he tends to using the words wherever he goes. even when speaking with fren in front of lecturers. even comenting with his friend using the 'b' word when a lecturer 'like' the post! even in front of a girl, he never try to shut his filthy mouth. i even have a girl fren with such a filthy mouth. and when i try to advice her about her manners, there's a hero who stands up for her and saying that "woit, ko nak mencarut, mencarut je. jadi je diri kau. tak payah nak hipokrit. kalau ada org sound ko ko wat dek je." kinda like that. heh, even a pig speak for himself. oh sorry, squeal for itself. (tak tau la apa nak jadi).

well for me. growing with four sisters has led me into a conclusion. always watch ur manners. i'm not saying my never mencarut or what, but at home they never use the words in front of me
( except when we joke around sometimes and they think its kinda cute for a girl to cursing...pfttt.. tak comel langsung tau tak kakak oi. urgghh... -.-' ). maybe thats why, i became a shy boy since i was a kid. but i admitted, i lost most of my shyness the moment when i went to university. campus lives evolved me :(

Aidid Mu'addib. Owner of the aididleaks. his blog name even was like kinda to resembles a wikileaks parody for me :)

but its contents are very very good for readers. as he is famous for his fight against those MLM crap and fags. and latest topic is kinda interesting, too. [link]

"I'm quite lost with all those Rihanna-shit, Britney-trash, Lady-gag, Kesha-whatthe?... but, this is all a matter of taste, ain't it? We don't have to argue over such unimportant things, whilst those crappy artists become millionaires anyway. Don't waste your breath, it's just commercial music. If you don't like it, just move on, man. Got better things in life than music - like doing some worthwhile things for yourselves, your families and for your own people."

this is what he thought about music. same as mine( seriously!). its all just bout a matter of taste. if u hate it, don't listen to it. but people nowadays tend to write something bad about what they hate. such as rebecca black, kpop, sinetron, and many more. including caprice yaw, yes, u can read it here. i love the blogs writing style but the blog is really duniawi semata mata. cakap pakai otak dunia semata mata. but not all of his writing crappy creepy. as the writer also hate reality show as i am. even greenday has their own haters, so why dont caprice has too, rite? XD. rebecca black was just has a bad luck with a bad lyrics and crappy vidclip. even myself sometimes post a joke about her..(sorry jess XD)

dan macam dia cakap jugak "we don't have to argue bout such unimportant things. got better things in life than music.." truly deeply correct pal.

Aidid Mu'addib. hmm... he has such a beautiful mind isn't it?

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