Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kenapa sekarang ;(

Tolonglah, jangan sekarang, bukan sekarang. Sekarang tengah exam week ni.

Banyak benda nak fikir. Jangan serabutkan kepala sy dengan benda2 macam ni.

Seriuosly, it mess me up. I'm just not ready yet. urghhhhh.... What have u done....

It's not the right time to say the words. And it's not the right moment, too.

There are just two consequences for this matter.

Whether it is mutualism, or it's gonna hurt somebody.

And I believe, I'm not the one who will be hurt.

Just be patient, okay.

Just last week we settle down our problem rite. S0 please don't make it worse.

I'm not ready yet. i'm just not ready.

Bukan sekarang.

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