Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear, best friend.

So so sorry, for being uncool yesterday.
I know it's my fault.
You came from far far distance but I treat you like hell. Hell yeah.
My bad.
Believe me, i want to meet u so badly, too.
My fault,
You remind me bout maghrib, but I ignore you.Procrastinating. My bad.
Sorry for being such a jerk.

I'm not perfect. sorry I can't be perfect.

I'm an idiot. It's not your fault really. It's been a long time since we met.
I'm just frustrated with myself. I can't control my anger. And i let my anger control myself. Sorry i'm driving in anger and so so careless then.

It's not your fault.

But, believe me. u still in my heart. u still my best friend.
if i'm your Stefan, then u'll be my Lexi. love u fren... ;(

Mariah. :(

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